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The popularity of traditional principles of Vastu Shastra have predominantly held a pivotal role in the current architectural scenario.Preety Sahni is a spirited human being with light soul. Her presence & experience entices everyone around her towards her knowledge of Vastu Shastra, Geopathy and Healing. Her undeniable charm and presence will surely capture your heart and soul – see it and believe in her. She is a very passionate person who talks about this ancient Indian lifestyle where all the positivity helps support a person’s wellbeing.
She has a successful architectural and interior design background, her practise is established in Delhi NCR. Over the years her belief over Vastu Shashtra & its teaching has strengthen manifolds .Today she touches many lives with her vocation and dedication. She believes herself to be a doctor of built forms, who treats and nurtures these huge spaces for its Zen.
vastu consultant

Preety’s take on Vastu resonates with architecture and spatial design. She strongly suggests to know your surroundings and its effects upon us. This inquisitive science encapsulates the forces which act upon a given space through the flow of positive energy and time.

Geopathy consultant

It’s an extension of Vastu Shastra, it is a theory exploring the earth’s inherent radiation and its effects on human beings and other living organisms. Geopathy expands its roots into more diverse earth magnetic energy flow.

Tarot reader

A person’s current circumstances and their repercussions can be detected with tarot card. Tarot card reading predicts a person’s future; while studying your current situation. Tarot readings is therapeutic and supports your mental health.

Life coach

The current buzz word in today’s scenario. Life coaching cannot be taught and only be shared as lessons learnt throughout one’s life within a gathering or a community. The best experience that help, groom and transform your perspective/ take on life

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Listen to success story of our customer after taking our services.

Mam is Very educated. I would like to recommend ger to everyone. She really helped me. Suggestions were very helpful in my personal life. Excellent service, very precise and upto the mark. I highly recommend reaching out to her for all queries related to Vastu based on my experience.

Adarsh Verma

I really appreciate the process. It was a great experience for me to consult mam. If you are looking for genuine vastu advice then look no further. Easily Reachable for further queries. They have very good knowledge in the field and examined in detail covering all the aspects. Thankyou very much.


I was confused about a new flat that I planned to purchase. She also advised on good dates and time for agreement and gave practical approach to choosing properties. Excellent Professional & human being, NOT money minded, gives importance to your wellbeing.


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