About Us

About Us

Vastu Divine Studio is an amalgamated Vastu and architecture firm, which is into designing and creating modern spaces, which are compliant with Vastu. We understand the need for creating harmony between the five elements of the universe with the spaces where live or work. Vastu, when mixed with modern architecture, can do wonders by bringing positive energy happiness, prosperity, and peace to a living place. A property which not Vastu-compliant can bring dis-pleasures to people who are living or working there. Serious health concerns like blood pressure, digestive issues, anger, insomnia, etc, as well as other serious problems such as financial issues, relationship troubles, and professional hurdles, are very common. Small corrections in your home or office can bring good luck and prosperity.

Preety Sahni

Preety Sahni is an internationally acclaimed Vaastu Advisor with more than 20 years of extensive Vaastu consultancy experience. A prominent face in the field of Vaastu, her deep understanding lies in the application of Vastu to the process of creating serenity, hence leading to peace, prosperity and success in life.

        She is on a mission to spread awareness of the lost cause of actual science of architecture Vastu Sahstra, among youth so that our  advance rich science of vastu don’t get lost in the books of history.

Experience the touch of modality in harmony. This is US……. Accept Change & Learn Everyday!