Our Services

vastu consultant

Preety’s take on Vastu resonates with architecture and spatial design. She strongly suggests to know your surroundings and its effects upon us. This inquisitive science encapsulates the forces which act upon a given space through the flow of positive energy and time. Vastu translates happiness and opulence into your life with its principles and beliefs. A well-ordered home brings calmness and clarity to your households and that is the most essential design principle of Vastu Shastra. Thus, keeping up the positivity of your home brings sheer joy in abundance. Vastu Shastra comprises of five eternal elements found in our surroundings; Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Space, the correct balance and propriety of these elements bring prosperity to your door steps. Learn from our expert to enhance and activate your elements. Trust Preety to remove dosh from your life, home and surroundings by providing you with solutions and remedies etc. Experience the change in your circumstances with the flow of time.

Tarot reader

A person’s current circumstances and their repercussions can be detected with tarot card. Tarot card reading predicts a person’s future; while studying your current situation. Tarot readings is therapeutic and supports your mental health. You can get identity solutions and inquire about life circumstances. The spiritual component of tarot reading does not necessarily gets associated with any religious or mythological backgrounds. It’s a semi-independent branch of astrological predictions and has components of new age thoughts and practise. Preety believes in making predictions based upon a person’s conversations (person asking the questions), his energies, his mental health about his life’s circumstances and relation entanglements. She connects a person’s energy with the displayed cards and make predictions. She believes, tarot reading will gain immense popularity in the coming future. Especially, younger generations look towards tarot reading as an unconventional option available. There are no set patterns, all circumstances change from person to person as everyone has a different mind-sets. Tarot reading are effective and give immediate solutions for present circumstances. Tarot is not only meant to guide but counsel one’s client as well. Surely, you shall experience some peacefulness. Highly recommended, try it!

Geopathy consultant

It’s an extension of Vastu Shastra, it is a theory exploring the earth’s inherent radiation and its effects on human beings and other living organisms. Geopathy expands its roots into more diverse earth magnetic energy flow. The earth’s mantle beneath us has various faults, heterogeneous mineral compositions, faulty construction and underground waterways/ reservoirs which cause vast geological disturbances with varied energies. The earth’s internal structural disparities have negative effect over your lives. Geopathic stress and disturbances can obstruct or damage your abode’s energy and such environment definitely have harmful health, wealth and happiness related issues over you. Such long term exposure to geopathic stress can cause severe damage to your heart, body and soul. So, do not live in ignorance! Let her advance knowledge of geo-pathic instruments access your living space and guide you towards positivity. She can detect changes in the electro-magnetic movements and suggest some remedies for your stress symptoms. Try and find your ZEN!

Life coach

The current buzz word in today’s scenario. Life coaching cannot be taught and only be shared as lessons learnt throughout one’s life within a gathering or a community. The best experience that help, groom and transform your perspective/ take on life. You can develop a new philosophy or methodology and receive our help. Gain the confidence. Accept the change! Preety speaks about it all out of experience. Her guru ji Shri Manoj Jual’ of Panch tatva in 2006, it all started as a curiosity which later on became a life changing experience for her. She hopes to assist you in achieving those milestones.